About Active Life Club

What we do

Active Life Club has six Active Citizenship areas.


We provide a range of fun and engaging activities for children of all ages including Football, Cricket and BMX/Freestyle sports. Through our partnership with Active Schools Glasgow, we also deliver multi-sport lunch and afterschool clubs in 9 local primary schools which form the learning communities of Shawlands Academy and Holyrood Secondary School.

Football Training 4

Youth engagement and participation

We offer a platform and a hub for youth to raise their concerns and found solutions to challenges faced by the young people in the community, schools, colleges and universities. We also organise sports and youth events to promote active participation.

Volunteers and youth leaders development

We develop our volunteers from participants to youth leaders. They go through variety of training to build their skills and give their time to the club to support other young people day-to-day activities run by the club. All volunteers are building their employability skills to achieve their goals from being successful in schools, colleges, universities or world of work.

Young Leaders

Community consultation

Young leaders and volunteers have been involved in community surveys and consultation to identify issues and actively involve other young people in community. Organising youth events to meet service providers to find collective solutions.

Creative arts

The Creative Arts within the ALC is used as a medium to create a successful hybrid of social issues and the performing arts.

The back catalogue of artistic projects within the ALC have been a real asset to the organisation: work includes an exhibition of Islamic artwork to help break down negative stereotypes of this religion, two innovative events entitled “Eid in The Park” and “Show Racism The Red Card” which dispelled this claustrophobia of diversity within our society, an empowering banner entitled “All Different But United” to form cohesion and promote tolerance.or world of work.

Creative Arts


Active Life Club provide a number of educational workshops and resources to help young people to develop there learning.

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